The Epic Story of Saudi Arabia’s Maritime Marvel

Credits: Ship-technology

Jeddah Islamic Port witnesses a momentous occasion as it welcomes the largest container ship in Saudi Arabian history, MSC Loreto, showcasing the port’s development and strategic importance in global trade. The saudigazette news source.

  • MSC Loreto, affiliated with MSC, makes history at Jeddah Islamic Port as the largest container ship, reinforcing the port’s competitive edge.
  • The port’s continuous development, expanded infrastructure, and commercial contracts contribute to its operational efficiency and increased container station capacity.
  • Jeddah Islamic Port’s pivotal role as a key player in Saudi Arabia’s global trade vision is reaffirmed by MSC Loreto’s choice, enhancing the country’s connectivity and logistics prowess.

Making History 

The Saudi Ports Authority (MAWANI) proudly announced the momentous arrival of the largest container ship ever to grace the shores of Saudi Arabian ports. MSC Loreto, affiliated with the renowned Swiss shipping line “MSC,” sailed into Jeddah Islamic Port, marking a significant milestone in the country’s maritime history.

Dimensions and Capabilities 

The sheer size and capabilities of MSC Loreto are awe-inspiring. With a remarkable length of 400 meters, a width of 61.3 meters, and a depth of over 33 meters, the vessel boasts a staggering capacity of 24,346 standard containers. Its draft measures an impressive 17 meters, allowing it to navigate the seas with ease, and it can reach a maximum speed of 22.5 knots. The ship’s vast surface area of approximately 24,000 square meters further underscores its significance.

Development and Advancements

The arrival of MSC Loreto at Jeddah Islamic Port not only highlights the port’s competitive advantage but also underscores the continuous development of its infrastructure. As part of this expansion process, MAWANI deepened the approach channels, turning basins, waterways, and the southern terminal basin, significantly improving navigational efficiency. Moreover, through strategic commercial outsourcing contracts and continuous expansion efforts, the container stations’ capacity has surged by over 70% and is projected to reach over 13 million containers by 2030.

A Key Player in Global Trade Vision

MSC Loreto’s decision to dock at Jeddah Islamic Port reflects the port’s vibrant commercial activity. Positioned as the first port on the Red Sea coast for transit maritime trade and container transshipment, Jeddah Islamic Port plays a vital role in enhancing Saudi Arabia’s operational efficiency and global connectivity. It aligns perfectly with the objectives of the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics Services, solidifying the Kingdom’s status as a global logistics center and a pivotal hub connecting three continents.

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