The fear that crashed the Germanwings jet into the Alps


Lubitz.jpgThe 27-year-old locked the pilot out of the cockpit during the flight and had practised his suicidal descent, as well as researching suicide methods.

Investigators met with families of victims yesterday and updated reporters on the status of the investigation into the March 24 crash, which killed all 150 people on board.

Families are just starting to receive remains of their loved ones and will start holding burials in the coming days and weeks.

“In this moment everything else is not as important as the fact that the bodies, (the) remains be returned to their families,” he said.

Co-Pilot condition :

  • He mentioned his fear of going blind.
  • Over five years, Lubitz had seen 41 doctors. Some of them believed he was suffering from “psychosis” .
  • Doctors he consulted felt he was unfit to fly – by a French prosecutor.
  • Fear of German patient privacy laws stopped doctors from reporting their concerns to   Andreas Lubitz’s employers  – Brice Robin
  • Lubitz’s vision troubles were real or imagined ? .- no confirmations yet as per investigators.


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