The First Mass Flow Metering System for Hong Kong



ExxonMobil had introduced the first independently accredited mass flow metering system (MFMS) in Hong Kong after  successfully  introducing it in  Singapore.  The MFMS provides multiple benefits for vessel operators, suppliers and regulatory bodies, including enhanced

accuracy when compared to typical tank dipping – within +/- 0.5 per cent Singapore vessels save up to an estimated three hours and US$5,000 per refuelling and also providing increased transparency and efficiency to the bunkering process.

The technology directly measures fuel mass instead of volume, in line with industry best practice guidelines, to provide a prompt and accurate measurement reading for vessel operators.  It ensures buyers receive the fuel they pay for The seals used are also validated by independent parties to prevent any misuse of the system.

The Hong Kong MFMS has been accredited by Lloyd’s Register, together with  National Metrology Centre, the national measurement institute of Singapore and Metcore International Pte Ltd, a consultancy with expertise in MFMS for bunkering.

By the launch of an accredited MFMS in Hong Kong, ExxonMobil had achieved the first to market with a Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) approved MFMS, the first to guarantee delivery by MFMS and the first to deliver more than one million metric tonnes via a MFMS.  Today, all ExxonMobil fuel deliveries in Singapore are supplied by barges equipped with the MPA-certified MFMS.

Source: Exxonmobil