The First Type Approval For A Marine Fuel Cell Has Been Granted


  • This is key to including fuel cells as a zero-emissions solution for the marine industry.
  • The high-power FCwave fuel cell is a scalable 200-kW power module offering a plug-and-play replacement for conventional diesel engines.
  • The type-approval certification confirms the design meets the stringent safety, functional, design and documentation requirements necessary for global marine commercialisation.

DNV has granted Ballard Power Systems the first-ever type clearance for a maritime fuel cell module, the company said at Nor-Shipping as reported by Riviera.

Commercialising fuel-cell technology 

The type certification, according to Ballard Power Systems, is a key step toward commercialising Ballard’s fuel-cell technology for marine applications.

This is crucial if fuel cells are to be considered a zero-emissions solution for the marine industry.

The type-approval process was lengthy, requiring a series of simulations and tests at Ballard’s global Marine Center of Excellence in Hobro, Denmark, where the FCwave is designed and manufactured.

“The new categorization of FCwave has eliminated a significant hurdle in helping the maritime industry deploy zero-emissions technologies and meet global emissions reduction targets,” said Søren Østergaard Hansen, general manager, marine, Ballard Power Systems Europe.

“The type approval from DNV is extremely essential in establishing market confidence in hydrogen fuel cells and certifies that FCwave is developed, tested, and ready for installation,” he continued.

Approval certification

“The type-approved FCwave module allows us to deliver the first deployment-ready fuel-cell system, allowing the marine sector to take the next step toward zero-emission operations.”

The high-power FCwave fuel cell is a scalable 200-kW power module that can be used to replace traditional diesel engines.

The type-approval certification verifies that the design complies with all of the relevant safety, functional, design, and documentation standards for worldwide maritime commercialization.

Norled has ordered two 200-kW fuel-cell modules from Ballard Power Systems to power a hydrogen-powered boat.

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Source: Riviera


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