The Global Maritime Fleet Value Reaches $1.2 trn


The total value of the global merchant fleet has hit a new all-time high on the back of this year’s booming container and dry bulk markets, says an article published in Splash.

Fleet worth raised

According to Clarkson Research Services, the global merchant fleet is now worth $1.2trn, having risen by 26% in the year to date.

Fluctuate value

Putting this figure in perspective, the value of the world fleet fluctuated between $850bn and $1trn for most of the previous decade. It stood at $700bn in early 2010. The merchant fleet is now 65% larger in gt terms than at the start of 2010. The Clarksons Secondhand Price Index has increased 70 points in the year to date to reach 163 points, its highest level since asset values crashed in late 2008.

Increased in prices

“Containership secondhand prices have increased particularly sharply in 2021 so far, with some benchmark asset values doubling or even tripling, while bulk carrier values are also up notably,” Clarksons noted in its most recent weekly report.

Clarksons data also shows today’s global orderbook stands at an estimated $251bn, up 11% this year.

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Source: Splash247


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