The Greek Shipyards are Entering a New Era


New era for Greek shipyards, highlights a Ekathimerini news source.

A new chapter in history

The Greek shipbuilding industry appears ready to write a new chapter in its history after the completion of the consolidation of its three major shipbuilding units (Elefsis, Skaramangas and Syros) and the increase in activity at other units, such as those that are based in Salamina, Perama and Halkida.

The challenge focuses on the role the sector can play in the transition to a new greener generation of ships and the parallel increase in shipbuilding activity.

ONEX Shipyards and financing

In the next few weeks, probably after the May 21 general election, the verdict by the competent court is expected on the validation of the consolidation agreement for Elefsis Shipyards with strategic investor ONEX Shipyards and financing in the order of 100 million euros from the US state development bank DFC.

Last month, the transfer of both parts of Skaramangas Shipyards to the interests of the shipowner George Prokopiou was completed and the gradual upgrading of the facilities, the strengthening of the fire safety and firefighting systems and the re-operation of the large tank which has remained inactive for about 20 years are now fully underway.


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Source: Ekathimerini