The Harmonized System (HS) Code Will Be Made Mandatory

Credit: galen-crout-unsplash

A recent news article published in the Maersk states that Harmonized System (HS) code to become a mandatory requirement.

HS code will become mandatory

Further to our previous communication that the HS code will become a mandatory part of shipping instructions, please take note this change will come into effect beginning February 1, 2023.

Any shipping instructions received on or after this date with a missing or incomplete 6-Digit HS code will not be processed.

We will instead send you an email requesting for the information to be provided.

A draft bill of lading will not be available prior to receipt of the HS code.

How to submit the HS Code in shipping instructions

We have dedicated HS code fields available for you across all our shipping instructions channels, including EDI. Please refer to the below illustrations for and INTTRA.

The HS code field can be found in the cargo description section. In case of multiple HS codes, all the codes need to be listed out in the cargo description field.


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Source: Maersk