The Human Equation For Safe And Sustainable Maritime Fuel

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In a groundbreaking revelation, a collaborative study by LR Maritime Decarbonisation Hub and the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping explores vital human factors considerations for the integration of ammonia as a sustainable marine fuel, reshaping safety protocols and operational strategies in the maritime industry. The source.

  • Collaborative study highlights critical human factors for adopting ammonia as marine fuel.
  • Emphasis on seafarers’ training, safety measures, and design considerations in ammonia usage.
  • Human-oriented safeguards essential for safe transition to ammonia fuel and achieving decarbonization goals.

Viable Marine Fuel

A collaborative study by LR Maritime Decarbonization Hub and the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping sheds light on critical human factors considerations for adopting ammonia as a sustainable marine fuel, underlining the need for comprehensive understanding and safeguards.

Addressing Safety Challenges

Ammonia emerges as a promising alternative maritime fuel amid the global energy transition. However, the study underscores the necessity to comprehend safety challenges associated with ammonia, as well as the pivotal role of seafarers in managing its handling, storage, and emergency response.

Human Factors Impacts

The study evaluates eight human factors impacts across different vessel types. Competency, training, occupational health, and process safety hazards emerge as high-priority considerations. Ergonomics and management of change are deemed essential for effective implementation, while roles and responsibilities adjustments are foreseen as ammonia gains prominence.

Safety and Efficiency

Human-centric engineering design gains prominence in reducing human errors during ammonia-related operations. Ensuring proper ergonomic design, task-specific protective equipment, and effective safety management practices will be crucial to mitigate occupational health hazards and process safety risks associated with ammonia usage.

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