The Importance Of Blockchain And AI Technology In Maritime Industry

Credit: Shubham Dhage/ unsplash

Capt. Virendra Mishra From Team Shipping Tribune had the privilege to interview Capt. Himanshu Joshi. He explained the importance of blockchain and AI in the technology used in the Maritime industry. 

An Inspiring Transition

Capt Joshi explains his transition from a position of leadership in commercial shipping to founding a technology firm. He explained the importance of blockchain and AI in the technology used in the Maritime industry. He was asked several questions about the role of technology in the maritime industry , Seven Oceans’ commercial shipping software journey and key offerings Captain Himanshu Joshi is the Founder and CEO at Seven Oceans Singapore which is one of the top providers of commercial shipping software globally. Seven Oceans cater to Shipowners, Commodity Traders, Charterers, Cargo Owners, Shipbrokers, Commercial Operators and Ship Managers. 

A Thought Leader

Capt Himanshu is considered a thought leader in maritime business intelligence. He firmly believes that it is the business that drives the technology, and not the other way round. His philosophy is deeply rooted in creating more growth opportunities in India, making Seven Oceans an integral part of the Indian technology growth story. He has been a captain on VLCCs, a Shipping Economist with a large oil tanker broker in London, and has done commercial shipping management with OMI in Stamford, Connecticut and New York. He transcended to shipping technology in the early dot-com days. He is an alumnus of London Business School, London Guildhall and TS Rajendra, Mumbai.

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Source: Shippingtribune


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