The Importance Of Outsourcing To Ensure Seafarers’ Wellbeing


The Greek shipping industry needs to address change in the sector to support seafarer wellbeing, according to the leading international catering management and training provider, MCTC, SeaNews.

The key to cost savings

Vicky Stamati, MCTC’s Business Development Director in Greece, said the Greek market could save thousands of Euros per annum if generational attitudes within the family shipowning businesses welcomed outsourcing catering management rather than keep it all inhouse.

“Greece is my homeland and a key maritime hub, but the sector needs to shift its mindset to support seafarer wellbeing and allow outside connections to provide business.

“Outsourcing catering management means you’re working with specialists who can streamline galley operations to optimise costs and reduce wastage. It’s the only way the Greek market will continue to develop while saving money during this competitive time, post-Covid,” she said.

Benefits of outsourcing 

Christian Ioannou, Managing Director of MCTC, added: “Each Greek shipowner could be saving thousands of Euros each year in the galley. I’d estimate that we can save each vessel approximately 15-20% of its budget each year.”

MCTC offers a full catering management service and a range of training programmes for cooks, ranging from menu planning, health and nutrition to ordering supplies.

Ms Stamati explained: “MCTC’s team of food technologists, nutritionists and culinary training experts provide invaluable input and knowledge to vessels ensuring wholesome nutritious meal plans are followed. These services can only be provided when you work with professionals in the field.

“Outsourcing catering management also improves the health of crew onboard and their wellbeing. Our nutritionists provide specific meal plans for dietary requirements but also ensure each meal plan is backed with nutrients, which is vital for improving health onboard.

“If shipowners invest in outsourcing their catering management, seafarer wellbeing will improve through leading nutritious diets – but they’ll also save money. It’s surely a win-win situation,” she said.

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Source: Sea News


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