The Magic of Digital Twins


Many of you must have heard about Digital Twins technology. It is really a creation of computer software.

You might have heard the claim of Tesla that they carry a digital twin of every car they sell in the marked. Why would they do it?

The digital twin carries in digital format all the features of the real Tesla car. As the car runs, meets multiple situations, multiple speeds, road conditions and traffic etc., all this data is transferred to the digital twin. The technology experts can look at the digital twin data and make suitable recommendations and transfer all the changes back to the Tesla car. This helps the Tesla car to continuously upgrade its performance, meet traffic and road challenges in a better way and ultimately maximize performance, efficiency and safety. Since this is a continuous process, the feedback from the real car will go to the digital twin, get modified and return to the original real car and make it run safer and better.

This is shear magic.

Let me tell you a few more magics of Digital Twins.

There is a US based organization which will measure all the parameters in your body such as blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen content etc. and create a digital twin of your body. If you suffer from diabetes or hypertension, the digital twin will carry the same health defect. They will then make changes in the digital twin by mostly changing the diet and other conditions of living and bring the digital twin health back to normal. This means that the digital twin will overcome diabetes, overcome hypertension and come back to normal health. All the changes that were made to the digital twin will now be transferred to the real body slowly and over a period of time and the health of the real body will be able to overcome say, diabetes and hypertension mainly by controlling the diet as dictated by the digital twin.

A person who is not so healthy can undergo this treatment with changes only in the diet and can get back to normal health.

This is yet another magic of Digital Twin.

Let me tell you something even more interesting.

Let us say you are running a company which has, say 7 leaders who are sharing all the executive responsibilities. As you know, the success of the organization depends on how the team members work with each other and how they are able to travel towards their targets in a spirit of harmony and co-operation.

Here comes the solution. Create a digital twin of the 7 executives recording all their phycological factors, their behavior, their interpersonal relationship skills, their method of reacting to stressful situations etc.

We now have 7 digital twins and it is possible to look at this and make corrections to the digital twin so that the team spirit, co-operation and harmony is ensured in the interpersonal relationships among the 7 members.

After making the correction in the digital twin, you will call each of the 7 members are request them to alter their behavior, their reactions to situations, their methods of dealing with colleagues progressively so that whatever has been achieved with the 7 digital twins will now be transferred to the real human team. This human team will now function like a coordinated and focused team which will drive towards the targets at a much greater speed. There will be no factors that will impede their progress. You will therefore have a very successful team moving towards it target with maximum efficiency, co-operation and harmony.

Here again is another Magic of Digital Twin.

In the case of a complicated machinery with a complicated control system, you can superimpose a digital twin control system on top of an existing one. This digital control system will collect data from the equipment, analyze the data and make corrections and transfer these corrections to the actual control system. A significant improvement in performance efficiency can be expected in the equipment. Not only this, the improvement will be continuous as the data keeps flowing into the digital version, gets tweaked and corrected and flows back to the original control system to make the equipment run more efficiently.

Hope you enjoyed this. Let us understand the momentous changes that are going to take place in the way we live, we work and we perform.

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