The Most Incredible Second World War Story


How gay artists Willem Arondeus and Frieda Belinfante made fake IDs on a mass scale to save Dutch Jews in the second world war. Plus, Funny Woman. Here’s what to watch this evening, says an article published in the guardian.

Stephen Fry: Willem and Frieda – Defying the Nazis

9pm, Channel 4

“Do you think we’ll see the end of this war?” painter Willem Arondeus asked cellist Frieda Belinfante as they started to make fake IDs on a mass scale to save Jews in the Netherlands. They were both gay and – as 50,000 gay men were taken to the camps, according to one expert – felt compelled to risk their own lives for others. Neither thought they would survive, and this would prove true for one of them. In this extraordinary documentary, Stephen Fry tells their heroic story of “pure altruism”Hollie Richardson

Dragons’ Den

8pm, BBC One

Two petrolheads rev up a couple of midlife crises with their pitch this week: “proper biker chick” Deborah Meaden straddles a motorbike, while eager Peter Jones puts his sunglasses on indoors before asking them about TikTok. HR

The Apprentice

9pm, BBC One

The nine remaining candidates leave a permanent blemish on the male beauty market this week. Tasked with formulating and pitching a new men’s skincare product, one team’s unoriginal idea stands in contrast to their competitor’s daring dermatological disaster. The accidental creation of skin-staining goo could see two boardroom firings. Danielle De Wolfe

Murder in the Pacific

9pm, BBC Two

This three-part documentary retells the shocking story of the malicious sinking of the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior in New Zealand in 1985. Much of the opener is given over to a lucid explanation of what the crew were protesting against: decades of nuclear tests in the Pacific, with no regard for the effect on its people. Jack Seale

Next Level Chef

9pm, ITV1

We’ve reached the final of this rather charmless cooking contest which has tried to reinvent the wheel, offering gimmicks where generally simplicity will do. Three chefs remain and the challenge seems comparatively basic: a three-course meal in 90 minutes. With £100k on the line, what surprises will Gordon Ramsay unveil? Phil Harrison

Funny Woman

9pm, Sky Max

Despite its cliched plotting, there’s still something very charming about this sparkling 1960s-set comedy set in the world of sitcoms. Sophie and Clive are now London’s favourite couple, but – as you probably guessed – TV’s most handsome man struggles with the concept of a monogamous relationship. HR

Live sport

Athletics: European Indoor Championships, 3.30pm, BBC Two.
Day one from Istanbul.

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Source: The Guardian