The Nordic Countries to Use Scrubbers


Henceforth, the Nordic countries must be bracing themselves to comply with sulfur requirements in addition to scrubbers.

Nord responds

The Danish shipping company Nord has responded to demands for a lower sulfur discharge for its ships from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), using so-called scrubbers.

According to reports, some of the newly built ships will be equipped with scrubbers that can clean exhaust gases for sulfur. At the same time, older ships may also have scrubber installs.

Non-compliance vessels to be prohibited

A large part of the company’s fleet is chartered and has to comply by changing with a lower sulfur content.

From 2020, fuel with a sulfur content of more than 0.5 per cent shall be prohibited unless the ship has a scrubber installed to clean the exhaust.

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Source: Euroinvestor