The Outstanding British Superyacht Industry


A recent news article published in the Boat International asks What makes the British superyacht industry great?

1. Let’s start at the beginning

The British superyacht industry is, in some sense, a glittering flotilla of individuals and superyacht businesses who are bonded by a common strand of British nautical DNA. At the risk of stating the obvious, the British do like yachting. They have always liked yachting and generally, they’ve been quite good at it. Whether it was King Edward VII’s grand racing exploits on the Cote D’Azur or the superyacht design rock that was dropped in the UK’s design pond in the 1960s by the modern master of superyacht design, Jon Bannenberg, the UK and superyachts have an unbreakable union that persists to this day. No other nation has unfurled its superyacht expertise as often as this island nation has.

Perhaps, there is nothing particularly ground-breaking in that statement, but it does trigger a contemplation on the continuing cultural link of Britain to the business of the sea. So, it is in 2022 as it was in 1754 when novelist Henry Fielding described British sailors as “…perfect masters of their business, always extremely alert and ready in executing it, without any regard to fatigue or hazard,” indeed he could have described any of the then British maritime trades in the same way.


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Source: Boat International