The Rise of ‘Synergy’ Group and its Glowing Impact in the Maritime World.



Synergy Group, headquartered in Chennai has attracted the attention of Global Shipping with its stellar growth and performance. In very few years, it has grown to manage more than 120 vessels. The Group also has a Ship Owning division with over 10 ships. Synergy has a very high reputation for employee satisfaction which has resulted in very well maintained ships. Capt.Rajesh Unni, the CEO and also the man with the vision and innovative ideas is aiming big. He has focused his attention on managing the people who in turn deliver the results. synswad

Capt.Unni has also distinguished himself with many acts of philanthropy and charity and involving the staff and their families also in these activities. The net result seems to be a happy workforce delivering top quality service for Synergy and also its customers.

Emphasis is also placed on the Health and Safety issues of seafarers in which Capt.Unni participates directly, thereby affirming his commitment to the physical and material well-being of those who work for Synergy. Perhaps it is this Mantra that has been responsible for the meteoric growth of Synergy.

They have also received several awards and recognition including the “Green Flag Environmental Achievement” from the Port of Long Beach and the “Partner of the Year” award from BP Shipping. Synergy has also established a state of the art simulation and training center in Chennai in partnership with Mitsui O.S.K. Lines. The training center has potential to train over 2,000 seafarers to the highest levels of competence.  Synergy_Maritime-HSSE.jpg


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