The Spot Market For Tankers And Carbon Rankings


A recent news article published in the Riviera states that carbon rankings and the tanker spot market.

Instant comparison

Ship Finder from Siglar Carbon provides charterers with an instant comparison of the carbon exposure of spot chartering alternatives prior to fixing.

In 2021, Norwegian company Siglar Carbon introduced the Carbon Estimator to help companies tackle these complexities by introducing a free carbon estimator for tankers. This has been followed up with Siglar Carbon Ship Finder, which allows charterers to assess hundreds of potential vessels in seconds.

Charterers to make confident choices

Aimed at allowing charterers to make confident choices about how to reduce the carbon footprint, this tool helps them to reduce exposure from chartering activities and meet commitments such as Sea Charter or ESG targets.

Siglar Carbon Ship Finder makes it easy to instantly find the most carbon-efficient ships by ranking the available alternatives according to their expected carbon footprint. To promote transparency and understanding, the estimates are presented in tonnes of CO2 emitted.

Quick and easy comparisons of tankers

Siglar Carbon chief executive Sigmund Kyvik noted that allows quick and easy comparisons of tankers open on the spot market. “The Ship Finder enables large emissions reductions. In a highly competitive market where any information is an asset, it can also give smart charterers a competitive edge.”

According to Siglar Carbon, international shipping emits more than 1Bn tonnes of CO2 per year, a number that is projected to rise, and once shipping emissions are priced, freight rates will also be highly impacted.

At a carbon cost of €90 (US$89) per tonne CO2 emitted, the price of an internal EU voyage in the MR segment would increase by €70,000.


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Source: Riviera


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