The US to Clean Up the Spanish Accidental Debris


US promises to clean up Spanish nuke accident after several decades.


The U.S. and Spain have decided to remediate the coastal region of Spain.  The U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has signed a “statement of intent,” to complete an old clean-up job half century ago following a tragic accident.

The U.S. Air Force accidentally dropped four nuclear bombs in the coastal region of Spain – two of which partially exploded and radiated the countryside in mid-January in 1966.  An Air Force bomber that carried four nuclear weapons, crashed into its refueling tanker over the provincial Spanish beach town of Palomares.

This accident  killed seven U.S. airmen and sent four nuclear bombs towards the earth.  The planes were a part of a secret mission Operation Chrome Dome.

When the US was in a Cold war with the Soviet Union, the mission kept American nuclear weapons in the air virtually around the clock.

Source: ABC News