The Visionary Maersk Star Motivated Me To Follow My Dreams

credit: Maserk

Life at Maersk is a breeze for me

It’s filled with a culture that emphasizes work-life balance, an open-door policy, and a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Elements that I find important, and that I believe enabled me to explore innovative ideas and initiatives in my daily work.

However, life wasn´t always easy for me, especially during my high school days. To support my education, I started working at the age of 15 as a cleaner in a hotel. I later on started delivering newspapers, and eventually found employment in a factory.

The fateful meeting with the Maersk container

One day, something extraordinary happened – a moment that remains vivid in my memory. I came across a Maersk container for my first time, which we were tasked to unload. The container held packaging material for a new product, and our supervisor proudly informed us that it belonged to Maersk, the world´s top-ranked company. I recall completing the task with immense enthusiasm, and that day I felt an overwhelming sense of joy being part of a shipment by the world´s number one company.

I eagerly shared this experience with my friends and family, but unfortunately no one really understood my enthusiasm at this point. I wished I could have taken a photo that day of the container, so that I today could proudly look back at that day and say to myself “I had the opportunity to unload cargo from a Maersk container”. This day clearly stands out with moments of feeling motivated to start approaching what I imagined as the best company to work for.

Credit: Maersk

Reaching the star

After completing my college degree, I embarked on my career as a Tally Clerc with a survey company, starting from the lowest rank in the industry. Throughout my journey, I continued to admire Maersk every day, and the sights of those containers motivated me to strive for something greater in my life, aspiring to become part of Maersk one day.

I pursued further education and worked as an Executive for a Shipping Agency. Over time, I joined a Shipping Liner as a Senior Executive and completed my Management Studies. While remaining steadfast in my determination to join Maersk, I cherished each step of the journey, embracing the lessons and experiences my career provided.

I knew that one day, I would be closer to what I had been relentlessly pursuing—the visionary Maersk Star.

In 2017, after accumulating 17 years of diverse experience, I was finally selected to be a part of Maersk. I proudly accepted the position of Operations Manager at Inland Services—a role described by my previous boss as a prestigious opportunity at the number one company, Maersk.

Today, I am grateful for the six-plus recognitions I have received over the past six years, along with my professional law degree. I anticipate achieving many more milestones in the future. Throughout this journey, I strongly believe that when you wholeheartedly love something and dedicate yourself selflessly, the entire universe conspires to connect you with your passion. This belief became my reality, as the blue star that I had been dreaming of and following for years finally brought me to where I am today.


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