Third Temporary Channel Opens For Vessels To Baltimore Port After Bridge Collapse


  • Amid ongoing efforts to clear debris from the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge, a third temporary channel for boats to access the Port of Baltimore has opened, expanding shipping access significantly.
  • The new channel, located to the northeast of the fallen bridge, is open to “commercially essential vessels,” allowing a greater variety of vessels to access the port while crews work to reopen the main channel.

The third temporary channel, with a controlling depth of 20 feet (6.1 meters), a horizontal clearance of 300 feet (91.4 meters), and a vertical clearance of 135 feet (41.2 meters), has been opened, enabling about 15% of pre-collapse commercial activity to resume.

Bridge Collapse and Salvage Operations

The collapse, which occurred on March 26 after the bridge was struck by the cargo ship, has prompted workers to laboriously remove thousands of tons of debris atop the vessel. Six roadwork crew members on the bridge died, and two of their bodies have yet to be found.

Recovery and Restoration

Despite the tragic incident, officials hope to open a channel by the end of the month to allow most maritime traffic back into one of the East Coast’s busiest maritime transit hubs. With massive cranes, workers have thus far removed about 1,300 tons (1,179 metric tons) of steel. The debris on the stationary ship must be cleared before the vessel can be returned to the port.

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Source: ABC News