This Centre Promises A ‘Greener World’ With ‘Cleaner Initiatives’


Gujarat has full potential to become a green ship recycling hub, reports Business Standard.

A global centre for green recycling

With the growing awareness of the environmental benefits of ship recycling, the number of ships entering recycling yards in India is expected to increase. Ship recycling is environmentally sound and allows optimum use of ship parts. It involves the methodical dismantling of ships and preserving salvageable metal components. Steel and other metal components are reprocessed to be used for other industrial purposes. The increasing awareness of ship recycling in India is crucial for the future of the industry.

With an aim to showcase the status of the ship recycling industry in Alang, the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways along with the Gujarat Maritime Board and FICCII organized an International Conference on Green Ship Recycling. Speaking on the occasion Chief Minister Bhupendra Bhai Patel said under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Gujarat is now moving towards port-led development. Gujarat is India’s coastal gateway.

He said the state is home to Alang, the largest ship-breaking yard in the world. Just as Gujarat has been dominant in ship recycling sector, it will also be in green recycling. He said Gujarat has the potential and the political will to become a hub for green ship recycling. The Gujarat government is committed to making Gujarat a global centre for green recycling.

While several ship recycling companies are evolving in India, the ship recycling facilities offered by the Bansal Group India, Gujarat, are gaining words of praise. Owing to their professionalism, their eye for detail concerning all the components of recycling, their attentive methods, and workmanship-centred approaches, they have made their mention among globally renowned ship recycling companies. Bansal Group has also received several certifications that ensure the safety of its ship recycling operations. These certifications have been a major boost to the reputation of the company.

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Source: Business Standard


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