This STS LNG Operation Hit A New Record


  • Brazil’s port and maritime logistics operator Wilson Sons has reported that between January and October there were more than 15 ship-to-ship LNG operations, the company’s highest number ever.
  • By the end of this year, five more operations will take place in Sergipe.
  • With 80 tugs, the company has the largest fleet on the Brazilian coast; most of the tugs have azimuthal propulsion and four are escort tugs.
  • An important ally in this regard is the Towage Operations Center (COR).

Wilson Sons, a Brazilian port and maritime logistics firm, reported that there were more than 15 ship-to-ship LNG operations between January and October, the company’s greatest number ever as reported by O&G Links.

LNG operations

Wilson Sons saw a lot of ship-to-ship LNG operations at this time (STS).

There were six STS operations in October alone.

It is one of the world’s largest, with a capacity of 215,000 cubic metres of gas, a record for the industry.

“The port support market in the LNG sector is expected to do well in 2022.”

“Three new terminals, including the one in Barcarena, the Gas Sul in Santa Catarina, and the third in Suape,” said Elísio Dourado, the unit’s commercial director.

Towage Operations Center 

The company has the largest fleet on the Brazilian coast, with 80 tugs, the majority of which have azimuthal propulsion and four of which are escort tugs. This year, the company’s shipyard in Guarujá began construction on a series of six further vessels.

“The new units will meet the IMO TIER III standard, resulting in a decrease of more than 75% of nitrogen oxide emissions, which is a greenhouse gas,” Dourado continued.

LNG STS activities, especially when carried out at sea, necessitating a high level of safety. The Towage Operations Center is an essential ally in this regard (COR). The unit keeps track of ships in real-time, 24 hours a day.

In addition, the Towage section features a Maritime Improvement Center that can foresee various operational scenarios.

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Source: O&G Links


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