Thoughts on Organizational Culture


The word “Culture” is increasingly in use while discussing big organizations. It is said to contribute to exponential growth of organizations. 

What actually is Culture? 

MIT Sloan offers a Course on Organizational Culture. This Course trains participants on what it takes to build game changing companies, make their teams world-class in service and customer interaction. The importance of organizational culture is to ingrain in each employee the core values of the Company such that the perception of the Company by any outsider is that of exceptional service, value, knowledge and behavior.

The name Anglo Eastern conjures up such a vision of a set of people who are friendly, excellent in their knowledge and make every transaction a memorable experience. The courtesy, humaneness, and decency with which they treat all the people they work with, including subcontractors who depend on them, is something to be admired and emulated.

I dare say that Anglo Eastern has built up this culture without having to be trained at MIT Sloan Management School. Not everything can be taught in a MBA Course. Culture is innate and special to each organization.

This reminds me of the attack by terrorists on the 103 year old Taj Hotel Mumbai, India. The siege lasted for 3 days. Though the hotel staff knew of a secret passage to escape, they chose to stay with guests and rescued 150 Hotel guests. In the process, 7 of the hotel staff were shot dead. This culture of readiness to endanger their lives to protect the hotel guests was not taught. Harvard Business School has now included this case study in their Management Course to understand how the Taj management recruited the Hotel staff that carried this innate culture of service and sacrifice before self.

I am reminded of the poem “Abu Ben Adam, may his tribe increase”

Kind regards

Dr. Vis

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