Three Crew Including Captain Died Onboard Tanker


Three crew of a tanker including Captain, died on board in a tragic accident, reports Maritime Bulletin.

What happened?

Tanker was cruising around north of Algeria, understood in ballast, after she left Bejaia, Algeria, on Aug 17, probably waiting for orders. On Aug 25 she sailed to Cartagena Spain, reporting three deaths.

Cleaning the tank

One crew, AB most probably, was cleansing the tank, got caught in an anoxia pocket inside tank, depleted of oxygen.

Tried to rescue

Captain and bosun tried to rescue him, but fell down into tank, probably going dizzy due to lack of oxygen.

All three dead

All three later were hoisted to cargo deck by crew. Tanker berthed at Cartagena in the morning Aug 26, investigation under way.

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Source: Maritime Bulletin


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