Three Parties Join Forces over Seafarer Telehealth Platform


VIKAND has joined forces with Gourdomichalis Maritime SA (GMSA) to bolster the welfare of GMSA’s seafarers by integrating Navarino’s tools into VIKAND’s OneHealth telehealth platform, reports Safety4sea.

Seafarer telehealth platform

The initial rollout will cover four GMSA vessels: Kavo Aetos, Kavo Yeraki, Kavo Alkyon, and Kavo Perdika. According to VIKAND, the telehealth package includes the VIKAND Connect app, emergency medical assistance, medivac support, and mental health services, granting round-the-clock access to medical professionals worldwide.

As informed, unlike reactive approaches prevalent in maritime healthcare, OneHealth by VIKAND adopts a proactive stance, offering tools for emergency mitigation, preventive health measures, and robust support systems for various health crises at sea.

Ronald Spithout, Managing Director of OneHealth by VIKAND, stressed the platform’s holistic impact on seafarers’ lives, encompassing mental health, medical care, and social wellbeing. Meanwhile, Katerina Liaki, an Account Manager at Navarino, expresses pride in their collaboration with VIKAND, recognizing the transformative effect it has on seafarers’ working conditions.

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Source: Safety4Sea