Three Tech Behemoths Build A Green Ammonia Cargo Ship


  • The vessel is designed to trade in heavy project cargo segments together with Meriaura’s existing open-deck carriers.
  • We are very happy to join forces with such outstanding partners.
  • The largest business owners of the company are the consulting and engineering company Elomatic Oy and Flexens Oy Ab.

Letter of intent

A letter of intent was signed between Green NortH2 Energy, Meriaura, and Wärtsilä for the construction of a cargo ship that runs on green ammonia. Meriaura will purchase and manage the ship, which is outfitted with Wärtsilä’s modular multifuel main engines. Green NortH2 Energy will provide green ammonia fuel, which is made with renewable electricity. The ship is expected to be delivered in 2024, and it will begin using green ammonia for propulsion in 2026.

Businesses can’t be satisfied 

Because the energy requirements of this business cannot be satisfied by battery technology, green ammonia plays an important role in lowering greenhouse gas emissions from shipping. In comparison to hydrogen, it is easier to transport and store, and its logistical network is already in place.

Together with Meriaura’s current open deck carriers, the vessel is intended to transact in large project cargo sectors. It can also be powered by bio-oil or MDO in addition to ammonia. For many years, Meriaura has been a pioneer in developing renewable energy options for short-sea maritime operations.

Logical step

This completes the fuel mix and our in-house biofuel (LBO) production, which is a logical step for Meriaura’s future fleet portfolio. The ongoing new building programme and carbon neutrality objectives are supported by this partnership, according to Meriaura Chairman Jussi Mälkiä.

The key industry participants in shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, the hydrogen economy, and maritime trade work closely together to ensure the sustainability of the Finnish maritime ecosystem and advance local green transition initiatives.

Green energy initiative 

The importance of our green energy initiative is demonstrated by the contract. We are thrilled to work with such exceptional partners. According to Jussi Ylinen, CEO of Green NortH2 Energy, this is a fantastic method to hasten the green transition, which is now a reality rather than a utopian ideal.

The project is a continuation of the ship development partnership between Meriaura and Green NortH2 Energy’s parent firm Elomatic that was initiated to increase traffic on Lake Saimaa. However, the project was transferred from lake Saimaa to the sea as a result of Russia’s war on Ukraine.


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Source: Meriaura