Time Lapse – Navigate With A Mammoth Container Vessel Gliding Around The World


A normal day of a giant container vessel can be more beautiful and stunning exceeding our imaginable expectation.  Here is a 4K Timelapse of The Container Ship Gunhilde Maersk at sea from Ho-Chi Minh, Vietnam to Ningbo, China and the incredible loading sequences at each port.

Life at sea keeps changing each day.  When you think you are looking at a sunrise , it might actually be the stunning lights of a port buzzing busily.  This voyage was part of the Unknown Fields, A World Adrift, Field Trip in September 2014.

This coverage was created from over 78,000 5D Mk3 RAW files, processed groomed and edited.  The camera was fitted with a 17mm TS Lens and mounted in a custom, solar powered, marine housing.

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Source: Toby Smith on YouTube