Is Tiny Denmark A Maritime Superpower?



Think of Denmark and most people will probably picture images of LEGO building blocks, bicycles and blonde people.  For us Danes this is not a surprise as we admittedly are a tiny nation, with the population of Maryland that usually doesn’t draw a lot of attention on the world scene.  Due to this fact most people do not realize that Denmark is actually a superpower of the seas.  Like Marvel’s Antman we might have the stature of an ant, but we pack a massive punch in terms of global trade.

  • Danish ship owners operate more than 1,800 ships, which makes Denmark the 8th largest shipping nation in the world.
  • Danish shipping companies are active in all segments – from dry bulk, oil tankers, offshore and containers.
  • Denmark is a world leader in maritime technology known for our innovative technological solutions, eco-efficient services and maritime safety equipment.

This is why most large cargo ships today are equipped with Danish maritime technology, products or equipment.  To give an example more than 70 pct. of two-stroke ship engines installed on vessels worldwide are designed in Denmark.

As around 80 percent of all trade in goods is transported by ship it is likely that you are surrounded by things, which has been transported by Danish ships without even knowing it. Maybe your phone came from Asia, your coffee from Africa and your desk might originate from Europe.  The label might say “made in”, but how did the product actually arrive in the store?

Most people almost never pause to consider the global supply chains that tightly weave the world economy together, which creates both business opportunities and delivers cheaper goods to consumers all around the world.  Shipping is the backbone of world trade and offers the infrastructure that has created the modern economy.  And tiny Denmark plays its part in this intricate and complicated system of world trade.

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Source: Bay Net