Titanic Helped Kate Winslet Prepare For This Movie


Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have been best friends for years. Years later, they also claimed that they keep an eye on each other and aren’t hesitant to call each other out when the time comes. This is why DiCaprio didn’t hesitate to tell Winslet she was insane for making one of her most risky films as reported by Showbiz.

Leonardo DiCaprio felt Kate Winslet was insane

Winslet once said that Leonardo DiCaprio, actor of The Departed, felt she was insane for filming The Mountain Between Us with Idris Elba. However, DiCaprio is no stranger to working under difficult conditions for the sake of filmmaking.

After they had all dived below, director Fisher Stevens recalled DiCaprio having to be rescued by Edward Norton because his tank had stopped working.

When it comes to filming, DiCaprio has shown that he is willing to risk his life, and sometimes even more, for authenticity.

In the case of Kate Winslet, who was filming The Mountain Between Us in subzero conditions, this was the situation.

When DiCaprio learned about the picture Winslet was working on, he couldn’t help but be concerned.

According to NewIndianExpress, Winslet screamed to Leo, “You are bloody out of your mind to do this.”

And she owed it in part to her time aboard the Titanic.

How ‘Titanic’ helped her prepare for ‘The Mountain Between Us’

Titanic, Winslet explained, gave her the experience she needed to deal with the film’s circumstances.

When asked if she was worried about filming in the Canadian mountains, Winslet said she wasn’t because of Titanic.

“I’m like, ‘Ice, anyone?’ on so many outtakes,” she says.

Winslet said, “This conjures back memories.”

By exchanging SMS and emoticons, Winslet kept DiCaprio up to date on her time on set.

“I would send him small images of me sleeping on the freezing snow-covered ice, saying, ‘Thinking of you,’ and he would simply send back slightly worried emojis,” the Oscar winner explained.

Will they ever do another film together?

Sam Mendes’ Revolutionary Road was the most recent film in which DiCaprio and Winslet starred. Since then, fans have been wondering if the BFFs will ever reconvene for a third film, as well as what is preventing them from doing so. Winslet was questioned by E-News if the two planned to cooperate on any films in the future.

Winslet replied, “At the time, no.” “Neither Leo nor I have anything planned. But, as usual, I’d love to collaborate with him again in the future, but who knows? It’s possible it won’t happen until we’re 70.”

There may be a group of fans who would gladly wait that long for a Winslet Dicaprio film.

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Source: Showbiz


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