Titan’s ‘Optimus’ Refilled In STS Transfer

Credit: Venti Views/Unsplash

Independent bunker fuel supplier to the marine industry Titan recently said one of its LNG bunkering vessels, Optimus, was refilled in a ship-to-ship transfer at Skagen for the first time, says an article published on Manifold times.

First ship-to-ship transfer

It said it was involved in its first ship-to-ship transfer on the anchorage in Skagen between Denmark and Sweden.

The Optimus took full cargo from Equinor’s LNG tanker Arctic Princess in the recent ship-to-ship transfer.

Proud of milestone

“We are extremely proud of this milestone,” Titan said in a social media post.

“Thank you Fendercare Marine, Höegh LNG, TB Marine Shipmanagement (Riga) and Equinor for your trust and cooperation for this operation.”

Long-term agreement

Manifold Times previously reported Titan announcing it expanded its controlled fleet with the charter of a fifth vessel in a long-term agreement with Elenger.

The Optimus arrived at the Port of Amsterdam on 6 July 2022 giving Titan the opportunity to meet the crew and prepare them for bunkering in the ARA region.

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Source: Manifoldtimes


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