15th Industry Strategic Meeting In Madrid


The 15th Industry Strategic Meeting, held recently in Madrid, focused on strengthening maritime security in the Northwest Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden, the Gulf, and the Red Sea. This pivotal event saw EU NAVFOR’s Operation ATALANTA collaborating with the shipping industry to address emerging threats and enhance coordination in maritime operations. The meeting brought together various maritime forces and industry representatives to discuss strategies and streamline communication for better security and operational efficiency.

Changing Security Dynamics in the Region

Vice Admiral Emmanuel Slaars, Operation Commander of European Maritime Awareness Strait of Hormuz, emphasized the evolving security landscape in the region. The crises in Ukraine and Gaza have significantly impacted maritime security, necessitating a more integrated approach to safeguard vital sealines. The recent attacks on commercial shipping by the Houthi in Yemen and the resurgence of piracy off Somalia underline the urgency of a unified maritime operation. Slaars highlighted the need for a single EU maritime operation to address these challenges comprehensively and enhance coordination with the European shipping industry.

Enhanced Coordination and Communication

The meeting underscored the importance of improved communication and coordination between maritime forces and the shipping industry. Co-chaired by EUNAVFOR ASPIDES and the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), with Operation AGENOR as a special guest, the event included key industry players like the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and Bimco. A primary focus was the establishment of a single point of contact for the industry to request assistance and access critical information. This initiative aims to streamline communication, ensuring timely and effective responses to threats and enhancing overall maritime security.

Collaborative Solutions for Maritime Security

Vice Admiral Ignacio Villanueva Serrano, Operation Commander of European Naval Force Operation ATALANTA, highlighted the collective efforts of various maritime forces to find common solutions for increasing security in their respective areas.

The discussions aimed to improve operational collaboration and provide practical information to all stakeholders involved. By fostering a collaborative environment, the meeting sought to develop strategies that would not only address current threats but also anticipate and mitigate future risks. This collaborative approach is essential for maintaining the safety and security of crucial maritime routes in the region.

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Source: Seatrade Maritime