Together In Safety Launches 10 Golden Safety Rules For Seafarers


  • Together in Safety, a coalition of maritime organizations, introduces the “10 Golden Safety Rules” to elevate safety standards in the shipping industry.
  • Developed after reviewing fatal incident reports across sectors, these rules aim to prevent injuries and fatalities.
  • Dr. Grahaeme Henderson OBE, Chair of Together in Safety, emphasizes the significance of safety in the maritime sector, highlighting how these rules complement existing systems to ensure seafarers’ well-being.

Stop – Empowering Colleagues

  • Encourage colleagues to intervene and “STOP WORK” in unsafe conditions.
  • Emphasize the importance of respecting safety interventions.
  • Foster a culture of appreciation for those who intervene for safety.
  • Promote open communication to address and learn from safety concerns.

Enclosed Space Entry – Prioritizing Safety

Only enter ventilated enclosed spaces with confirmed safe atmospheres.
Ensure proper permits, authorization, and compliance for entry.
Verify atmosphere testing, energy isolation, and rescue plans.
Never work in an enclosed space without assessing hazards and safety conditions.

Fall Prevention – Working at Heights

  • Prioritize fall prevention with necessary permits and compliance.
  • Maintain three points of contact when climbing or working at heights.
  • Plan and agree on safety measures with co-workers.
  • Regularly check the condition of fall arrestors and anchor points.

Energy Isolation – Working with Stored Energy

  • Identify all energy sources before starting a task.
  • Obtain authorization and comply with permits for energy isolation.
  • Treat all energy sources as live until safely isolated and verified.
  • Conduct pre-job risk assessments to identify and control risks.

Working Over Water/Access to Vessels – Ensuring Marine Safety

  • Always wear a Personal Floatation Device when working outside ship rails.
  • Plan work considering sea-state conditions.
  • Check emergency equipment like radios before working over water.
  • Avoid working overboard if safer alternatives are available.

Line of Fire – Positioning for Safety

  • Maintain a safe distance from suspended loads, moving machinery, and snap-back areas.
  • Stay alert to potential hazards like blasting, welding, and falling objects.
  • Utilize pedestrian walkways and safe zones.
  • Never enter unauthorized areas or bypass safety barriers.

Navigation – Safe Passage Execution

  • Adhere to collision regulations and supplement navigation aids with manual checks.
  • Comply with work/rest hours and maintain a safe distance from land and shallow water.
  • Execute passage plans and calculate sufficient Under Keel Clearance.
  • Avoid distractions and fatigue during navigation.

Lifeboats – Safety During Maintenance

  • Ensure fully securing lifeboats before maintenance.
  • Conduct toolbox talks covering dangers, release mechanisms, and operational procedures.
  • Have trained personnel for lifeboat maintenance.
  • Avoid unintended operation of on-load release mechanisms.

Hotwork – Preventing Fire Hazards:

  • Remove flammable materials before flame-related work.
  • Keep firefighting equipment ready and test for flammable gases.
  • Complete a risk assessment and consider alternative work methods.
  • Never proceed without relevant permits or deviate from risk assessments.

Distractions – Focusing on Safety

  • Comply with company policies on avoiding distractions during duty.
  • Plan tasks carefully to avoid simultaneous activities.
  • Maintain a professional workplace and take regular breaks.
  • Never use personal electronic devices or engage in non-essential activities while on duty.

The 10 Golden Safety Rules provide a comprehensive framework for seafarers and companies to prioritize safety in their daily operations. Driven by the commitment to safeguard lives, these rules aim to enhance the maritime industry’s safety performance.

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Source: Safety4sea