Top 10 Tips To Avoid “Death Traps” Onboard


Mooring operation is one of the important tasks that seafarers have to perform on the ship’s deck. Technically, the operation may seem simple but there are several dangers associated with it. 

Mooring is almost “Death Traps” on ships and many crew members have lost lives during mooring operations.

Mentioned below are ten points that must be considered while handing mooring operation on ships:

  1. Don’t allow any extra crew member on the deck
  2. Consider the weather condition before planning the mooring operations.
  3. Have knowledge of Snap Back Zone and Rope Bight.
  4. Check all the mooring equipment involved in the operation for any kind of problem. 
  5. Check the tail of the mooring line.
  6. Tend one line at a Time.
  7. Keep a check on the mooring line load, ensuring that the allowable breaking load does not increase 55% of its Maximum Breaking Load (MBL). 
  8. Avoid mixed mooring.
  9. Keep a continuous check on the load on the mooring lines even after the mooring operation is over. 
  10. Arrange mooring lines symmetrical.

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