Top Shipping Lines Win Esteemed Awards


  • Seeking to be a company where all employees can play an active role by making the most of their individuality and differences.
  • NYK has been recognized with a 2021 D&I Award in the “Advanced” category by the award’s sponsor, JobRainbow Inc.
  • It certifies the diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts that companies are making.

News source published in the K-Line and NYK websites reveals about Shipping companies winning prizes and awards.

When did the certificate system start?

This certification system started this year by scoring and evaluating a company’s D&I efforts using a multifaceted index.

Through this certification system, the organizer aims to illuminate the D&I movement in society as a whole by shining a spotlight on companies that are currently engaged in D&I, in addition to companies that are planning to do so, to broaden the base of D&I promotion.

In total, 259 companies of all business scales and industries, including start-up companies that are promoting D&I initiatives, small and medium-sized companies, large domestic companies, and foreign-affiliated companies, were recognized.

What is the Certification based on?

The certification is based on a 100-item “diversity score” consisting of five perspectives (LGBT, gender gap, disability, multicultural coexistence, childcare / long-term care).

Each company is placed in one of four categories.* The “advanced” category containing NYK is the second from the top.

NYK first established its Diversity Promotion Team in 2016.

The team’s name was changed to the Diversity and Inclusion Team in April 2021, and we have continued to implement measures to promote the development of an environment where diverse human resources can play an active role.

The measures taken so far have been comprehensively evaluated, leading to the acquisition of this “advanced” recognition.

On February 3, NYK released the NYK Group ESG Story,** which aims to further integrate ESG into the company’s management strategy and promotes activities that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through business activities.

The awareness possessed by the NYK Group’s diverse human resources in various businesses and workplaces has led to our ability to respond to the needs of various stakeholders and tackle numerous social issues.

We believe that this is the key to continued growth.

Going forward, we will continue to promote the creation of new value by creating an environment in which all employees can maximize their individual abilities by making the most of their individuality and differences.

* Diversity score categories
・ Best workplace: 81-100 points
・ Advanced: 61-80 points
・ Standard: 21-60 points
・ Beginner: 1 to 20 points

Commendation Award

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Ltd. (“K” Line) has been selected for the “Commendation Award” in the Internet IR Award 2021 by Daiwa Investor Relations Co. Ltd.

The IR website of 3,944 public-listed companies was evaluated by this award and 126 companies were selected for their excellent IR site structure and effective use for disclosure and investor relations.

“K” Line has been selected for this award for four consecutive years since 2018.

“K” Line seeks to enhance appropriate disclosure and interactive communication with our stakeholders, including shareholders and investors.

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Source:  K Line and  NYK


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