Total Energies & CSM Partner for ‘Green Revolution’ in Shipping


As informed, the parties are developing in partnership a lube oil monitoring, optimisation and supply platform using the existing capabilities of CSM’s performance optimisation control room (POCR).

In addition, CSM and TotalEnergies commit to working on increasing synergies in sustainability and climate innovative technologies to accelerate the “green revolution” in shipping. They will use existing resources towards development into alternative propulsion systems and marine fuel systems as well as environmentally friendly waste management services.

Reducing carbon emission

“We share with CSM a strong determination to promote the energy transition and we want to capitalise on our respective expertise to accelerate it. This partnership is fully in line with our objective to reduce our carbon emissions,” Philippe Charleux, SVP Lubricants & Specialties Marketing & Services of TotalEnergies, said.

“We look forward to working with TotalEnergies on our joint mission to contribute innovative, environmentally friendly and profitable solutions for all parties,” Mark O’Neil, President and CEO of CSM, added.

Contribution in Co2 transport sector

To remind, TotalEnergies  ility study for the development of a liquefied CO2 (LCO2) carrier in August this year. LCO2 carriers have an important role in transporting CO2 from its emission sources to storage sites or facilities. This project is expected to make a significant contribution to the establishment of a CO2 ecosystem in the CO2 transport sector.

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Source: OffshoreEnergy


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