TOTAL – Introduces Fuel Adulteration Check Device



TOTAL Ghana has introduced a new device to check fuel adulteration, the device will ensue quality petroleum products are sold to its customers at all its pump stations across the country.

Combatting fuel adulteration and cross-border smuggling of petroleum products, fuel adulteration still remains a huge challenge to both industry players and regulators.

According to the NPA (National Petroleum Authority) adulteration of transport fuel, leads to economic losses, deterioration of engines, failure of vehicle components and safety problems.  It can also cause health problems directly in the form of increased emissions of harmful pollutants that affects the quality of air.

“I am convinced that we have enough measures put in place to avoid these issues in a total filling station,” he added.  The MD of Total Ghana Olivier Van-Parys, Spoke to Citi Business News at the sidelines of the 2015 transporters and drivers awards ceremony in Accra.

The award ceremony seeks to recognize transporters and drivers who seek safety first when using the roads.  Managing Director of Total Ghana, Olivier Van-Parys said “it is important we continue to progress in safety because we transport a product which is quite dangerous. Aside that, we are covering a huge number of kilometers as well’’.

While the above fuel adulteration check device is for automotive or diesel fuel used ashore, is someone looking into the contamination in marine fuels?

Is anyone in the industry voicing concerns over the proposed ISO 8217-2016 draft fuel standards?

Would there be such a device to check adulteration/contamination in marine fuels?

Share your thoughts with us.

Source: CitiFmOnline


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