Total Lubmarine’s New Singapore Lubricant Blending Plant Becomes Operational



With an aim to meet the increasing demand from the shipping industry for its marine lubricants in the Asia – pacific region, Total Lubmarine has launched a 310,000 MT capacity plant in Tuas South, Singapore.  Its operational since the 3rd July 2015.

This is one of Total’s largest facilities and it makes up for 25% of their lubricant sales.  The new facility caters to not only the marine, but also the Industrial and Automotive segments.  The company regularly supplies 75 varieties of marine lubricants including special lubes for slow-speed engines running on emission control areas with fuels below 0.1% sulphur emission, EAL compliant lubes, greases, hydraulic oils, refrigeration oils and greases.

Total Lubmarine’s, Head of Marketing, Serge Dal Farra said, “This vast new plant underlines the commitment that Total has to the region and the importance of the shipping industry to us.  Singapore is one of our busiest and most important marine hubs and we are able to meet our customer complex supply and technical support needs from here.”

It is predicted that the Asian demand for lubricants is likely to go up by 18% in the next 10 years and the 20 million tonne demand would equal almost half the global requirement.  Total intends to cash-in on the accelerated growth with the operation of its newest branch.  The new Singapore facility boasts of direct access to sea, easy access to raw materials, loading and unloading of their products directly into barges due the their large brand new jetty.