TotalEnergies Completes LNG Bunkering Op Of Tanker

Credits: Matthis Volquardsen/ Pexels

TotalEnergies first chartered LNG bunker vessel carried out her first LNG bunkering operation for a TotalEnergies-chartered tanker in Rotterdam.

The Gas Agility has been bunkering vessels at Rotterdam since 2020 and last week, it re-fuelled the Eagle Bintulu with some 320 metric tonnes of LNG.

“I am proud of my team in Geneva Nicolas Golovtchan, Georges O., Nick V., Oğuz Önalan and in Paris Julien B., Thomas Trinh, Dahlia Rifai,” Louise Tricoire, Vice President of TotalEnergies Marine Fuels, said.

“I am also very happy that once again, TotalEnergies strength as one company is demonstrated, as this successful bunkering operation came about thanks to the close collaboration between my teams and those of our colleagues in TotalEnergies Trading & Shipping and Gas, Renewables and Power branches. Importantly, it’s a significant milestone that we at TotalEnergies Marine Fuels are delighted to have supported, as we continue to make progress toward the Company’s Net Zero climate ambition and toward shipping’s decarbonisation.”

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Source:Manifold Times


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