Towing Line Breaks, Aframax Tanker Allides with Pier



The Aframax tanker Delta Pioneer allided with dolphin No 6 at Berth 1 in Primorsk Port, Russia.  The vessel was maneuvering to berth at the terminal, but the stern towing line given to tanker from the towing tug broke up.  The vessel suffered momentum and allided with the pier, causing damages of two sections of berth catwalk.  The Aframax tanker did not suffer sufficient damages, remained afloat and successfully docked at the pier.  The accident was reported to the local authorities and was ordered safety inspection and survey of the tanker. It was estimated the ship did not suffer structural damages and will be released after completion of the investigation for the circumstances and responsible for the collision.

Fortunately during the accident no one was injured and there was no water pollution.  The pier suffered sufficient damages, but none of them were structural.  The berth will be closed for operation until further repairs.

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Source: PortNews IAA