Towing MV Benita by the Stern Ruled Out


Towline Switch Required for Towing MV Benita


On July 23, MV Benita was finally refloated after a month long grounding since June 17 in the southern part of Mauritius, resulting out of a fight between the vessel’s crews onboard.

Following the refloating of the vessel, the Greek owner of the vessel Unit Maritime started making arrangements to tow the vessel to Alang, India.  As the bulk carrier MV Benita settled deeper into the water while being towed, the salvors (Five Ocean Salvage), needed to switch the towline connection as towing by the stern was no longer possible.

The company said “The towage initially commenced by the stern but as the vessel has settled deeper into the water, towing by the stern was no longer possible and we are now adjusting the towline connection from the bow.”

Five Oceans added that because the vessel is dead, it is extremely dangerous for a boarding team to attempt to board, so the process of adjusting the towing arrangement is slow.

Prior to the refloating, the vessel’s bunker fuel, lubricant oil and other pollutants on board were removed.  Cargo tanks and void spaces were sealed before being pressurized in order to facilitate the successful refloating attempt.

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Source: Lexpress


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