Trade Lanes Drive Maritime Industry’s Green Agenda

Credit: Smaart company

The Xeneta and Marine Benchmark Carbon Emission Index (CEI), shedding light on the dynamic trans-Atlantic Fronthaul trade route connecting Northern Europe to the Eastern Coast of the United States. The focus of this analysis centers on Evergreen’s remarkable performance, the impact of the OCEAN ALLIANCE carriers, and the broader industry’s strides towards a more sustainable maritime future. The Xeneta source.

  • Evergreen dominates Q2 CEI rankings with strategic size, speed, and efficiency, showcasing leadership in carbon emissions reduction.
  • OCEAN ALLIANCE carriers, including COSCO and OOCL, contribute to improved trade lane average by emphasizing reduced speed and sustainability.
  • Maritime industry’s pursuit of environmental goals gains momentum as trade lanes drive global green agenda, fostering diverse strategies for carbon footprint reduction.

Introduction to CEI Analysis

The Xeneta and Marine Benchmark Carbon Emission Index (CEI), shedding light on the trans-Atlantic Fronthaul trade route, a crucial link between Northern Europe and the Eastern Coast of the United States.

Q2 CEI Ranking

In the second quarter of 2023, Evergreen takes the spotlight as the top performer in the CEI ranking. With a significant 6,000 TEU capacity edge and a strategic approach to operating speed, Evergreen secures a remarkable CEI score of 53.8, setting it ahead of the pack.

Impact on CEI

Among the notable players, the OCEAN ALLIANCE carriers—CMA-CGM, COSCO, OOCL, and Evergreen—emerge as CEI frontrunners. COSCO and OOCL’s commendable improvements, coupled with their focus on reduced speed for sustainability, propel them into the top ranks, contributing to an improved trade lane average.

Paving the Green Path Ahead

As the maritime industry intensifies its sustainability efforts, the reduction of carbon footprints remains a priority. Beyond speed adjustments, carriers are expected to employ diverse strategies to achieve eco-friendly objectives. A forward-looking outlook is set as trade lanes play a pivotal role in driving industry-wide environmental change.

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