Trade Winds Forecast: The Ningbo Containerised Freight Index


The Ningbo Containerised Freight Index (NCFI) serves as a vital indicator for the shipping industry, providing insights into the fluctuating costs of containerized freight along various trade routes originating from Ningbo, China.

Route29-03-202422-03-2024Weekly change (%)
Ningbo – Europe1323.151319.930.24
Ningbo – West Mediterranean1806.301643.889.88
Ningbo – East Mediterranean1499.751360.3610.25
Ningbo – Middle East1503.121168.8628.60


Compiled by the Ningbo Shipping Exchange and endorsed by the Baltic Exchange, the index offers valuable data for stakeholders to make informed decisions in the dynamic global logistics landscape.

RoutePort Served
Ningbo – EuropeHamburg & Rotterdam
Ningbo – West MediterraneanBarcelona, Valencia & Genoa
Ningbo – East MediterraneanPiraeus & Istanbul
Ningbo – Middle EastDammam & Dubai


  1. Transactional Data Providers: Data is sourced from prominent industry players such as CCL Logistics Co. and Ningbo Jet Express International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.
  2. Included Surcharges: Reported ocean freight costs include bunker adjustment, emergency bunker, currency adjustment, peak season, war risk, port congestion, and Suez/Panama Canal fees.
  3. Excluded Surcharges: Notable exclusions are terminal operation fees, security charges, origin received charges, inland point intermodal fees, booking fees, and customs clearance charges.

Significance of the Index

The NCFI not only serves as a benchmark for monitoring freight rate trends but also aids stakeholders in assessing the economic viability of shipping routes and making strategic decisions regarding supply chain management. By providing comprehensive insights into the cost dynamics of containerized freight, the index facilitates risk mitigation and operational optimization for businesses involved in global trade.

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Source: Baltic Exchange