The Tragedy Of SS Kiangya


SS Kiangya

SS Kiangya which is also spelled “Jiangya”, was a Chinese passenger steamship, operated by the Shanghai Merchants Group and the sister ship of the SS Kiangking.

On 4 December 1948, SS Kiangya was in the mouth of the Huangpu River, about 50 miles from Shanghai.  She was filled with refugees from the Chinese Civil War when the stern of Kiangya blew up, most likely after hitting a mine that was planted during World War II.  Following the explosion, the ship sank quickly.

The exact death toll is unknown.  Although her official capacity was 1,186 passengers, the manifest listed 2,150.  It is thought that between 2,750 and 3,920 died, with 700 survivors being picked up by other vessels.  The sinking of SS Kiangya is one of the worst ship disasters to occur during the 20th century.

Source: Wikipedia


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