Training for DigitalPORT@SGTM, a JIT Planning and Coordination Platform

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A recent press release by MPA Singapore deals with the training sessions for digitalPORT@SGTM, which is a  JUST IN TIME PLANNING AND COORIDINATION PLATFORM.

Digitalization is one of the many key driving forces

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) recognizes that digitalization is one of the many key driving forces to help the maritime industry to innovate and improve productivity. For the past few months, MPA had invited stakeholders from the shipping community to our briefing sessions to share about the digitalPORT@SGTM Phase 2 initiative Just in Time Planning and Coordination Platform.

The digitalPORT@SGTM Just in Time Planning and Coordination Platform (JIT) will facilitate optimal arrival and departure of vessels to and from the Port of Singapore, which enable faster ship turnaround time and reduction in greenhouse gases. Having advanced and real time information of the vessel schedule will also assist in the optimisation and deployment of the port resources such as pilotage, towage, bunker tankers and other marine services.

Implementation of the JIT

To prepare for the implementation of the JIT for the container and bulk sectors in Port of Singapore, MPA will commence hands on training sessions for the shipping and harbour craft communities from July 2023 onwards. These training sessions will allow the ship agents, towage service providers, and bunker suppliers to work on the system and its functions.
Please fill in the registration form, to register your attendance in one of the training sessions and we look forward to seeing you and your colleagues. If you have any enquiries,
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Captain Chong Jia Chyuan


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Source: MPA