Flag Inspectors to Enforce Ship Safety


Training inspectors roped in to boost internal ship safety in the Pacific


IMO and the Pacific community have roped in flag Inspectors to support enforcement of ship safety standards in the Pacific region.  The training being conducted is a two-week exercise that will be provided to internal flag inspectors from 19th – 28th September in Suva, Fiji.

The training exercise is built upon the 2015 Manila Conference on domestic ferry safety conducted by the IMO.  The conference stressed out the urgent need to enhance the safety of ships ferrying passengers on domestic voyages and has advised the state internal committees to review and update national ferry regulations and to incorporate the guidelines set forth during the conference.

Fourteen technical officers have been selected for training where they will be equipped with skills to verify vessel conditions; equipment’s and ensure whether rules are relevant with standards set forth by International and regional ship safety standards.  It is reported that there are around 2,000 registered native vessels providing transport among many islands in the region.

The IMO has placed utmost importance on the safety of passenger ships and has been urging all the countries to adopt the highest safety standards.

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Source: IMO


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