Transforming Ship Management: Columbia And Crowley Partnership


Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Columbia Group and Crowley have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to enhance their ship management solutions for customers, leveraging their extensive expertise across the maritime, logistics, and energy sectors.

Under the alliance, customers can capitalize on the combined capabilities of both organizations, benefiting from more efficient and scalable international management services.

“Driving modern innovation and growth requires partnership, and we are excited about providing even larger value in management, service and supplies for customers by jointly leveraging the long, extensive capabilities and expertise offered by Crowley and Columbia Group as ship managers,” said James C. Fowler, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Crowley Shipping.

Enhanced Customer Solutions

“With our two safety-focused organizations, customers will be able to receive the tailored, scalable solutions they need through the global footprint of international vessel services by Columbia Group and Crowley’s strong legacy focused across supply chains for U.S., Latin America and Caribbean markets.”

In creating a formidable force in maritime solutions, the full spectrum of Columbia Group and Crowley’s maritime services will be offered to existing and new clients. Initial focus areas will include ship management services, vessel performance optimization and strategic procurement support for ship owners.

“This partnership heralds a significant opportunity for both Columbia Group and Crowley to elevate our services and cater to the evolving needs of our customers,” said Mark O’Neil, CEO and President, Columbia Group. “By synergizing our strengths and similar values, Columbia Group and Crowley are poised to deliver unparalleled value and drive transformative change in the Americas market.”

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Source: Crowley