Transforming Waste Into Energy: Recycling Used Vehicle Lashing Belts


  • On April 6, a collaborative effort between NYK Line, NYK Trading Corporation, Azbil Yamatake Friendly Co., Ltd., and Kayama Kogyo Co., Ltd. commenced the recycling of well-worn vehicle lashing belts from NYK-operated car carriers.
  • These belts, which had exceeded their expiration dates, were previously disposed of as industrial waste or sold as used products.
  • Now, they will be repurposed into Refuse-derived paper and plastics densified fuel (RPF fuel), a solid fuel with high calorific value used as an alternative to fossil fuels like coal and coke.

Recycling Process

Azbil Yamatake Friendly will collect and separate the lashing belts into metal parts and belts, while Kayama Kogyo will transform the plastic belts into RPF fuel. This initiative has the potential to recycle approximately 200,000 lashing belts annually from the NYK-operated car carrier fleet, yielding around 20 tons of RPF fuel. The process began with the collection of about 27,000 used lashing belts from the car carrier Sagittarius Leader at the port of Nagoya.

Environmental Considerations and Social Inclusion

Beyond environmental benefits, the project integrates a diverse workforce, including employees with intellectual disabilities and foreign technical interns. Azbil Yamatake Friendly employs individuals with intellectual disabilities for belt separation, while Kayama Kogyo engages foreign technical interns in RPF fuel production. The companies have implemented specialized cutting machines, Japanese language education, and training programs to ensure an inclusive workplace.

Future Endeavors

The collaboration among these companies underscores a commitment to environmental stewardship and fostering an inclusive society. Moving forward, they aim to continue promoting corporate activities that respect the environment while providing opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to contribute meaningfully.

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Source: NYK