Trends in the Tanker and Bulker Markets

Credit: venti-views-unsplash

Using VesselsValue data, Rebecca Galanopoulos Jones, Senior Content Analyst, explores the trends in the Tanker and Bulker markets. You can read the full piece here. 

Surge in Panamax newbuilding orders

There has been a surge in Panamax newbuilding orders in the first four months of 2023. So far this year there have been 61 orders placed, compared to just 13 for the same period in 2022, an increase of c.369%. The majority of these orders have …”  Read more.

Values for 20YO VLCCs continue to firm

Values for VLCCs have risen across all age categories since the start of the year. Due to a continued firming in spot rates, this time last year the TD3c-TCE – Middle East Gulf to China route was …”  Read more.

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Source: Vessels Value