Trials Of Grafmarine’s Solar Energy Cells By Carisbrooke Shipping

Credit: Emmaus Studio/Unsplash

Grafmarine, a fellow country’s developer of modular renewable energy generation, storage, and power management solutions, has joined up with UK-based shipping company Carisbrooke Shipping to test solar energy cells on a Carisbrooke vessel, as reported by Offshore Energy.

Energy-producing surface 

A modular technology called NanoDeck AI Solar tile management by Grafmarine transforms any flat surface into an energy-producing surface. According to estimates, the technology has the potential to cut a ship’s emission profile by 10%, up to 40% in five years.

“NanoDeck challenges the current reliance on fossil fuels by providing a clean and sustainable alternative renewable source of energy which can be attached to any flat surface – in this case, a cargo vessel – to capture, store and remotely manage clean energy generation via AI solar technology,” said Martin Leigh, Grafmarine Director and Founder.

“It can be fitted to both new and existing vessels, helping the industry on its journey to decarbonise and meet future legislation, whilst further assisting in the global development of smart low-carbon ports.”

“Our collaborative partnership with Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd will provide us with data that will further develop the system as we continue to forge new relationships in the US, Europe, and Asia,” Commercial Director Nigel Marc Roberts added.

Plug and play 

“The system offers unique and innovative ‘plug and play’ technology which enables it to be installed quickly at low cost and upgraded in line with technological advances without the need for a large investment, making this a future-proof solution.”

During the round voyage from Scotland to West Africa the NanoDeck has sent live data, enabling Grafmarine to make further improvements and efficiency gains whilst understanding how the equipment will withstand the rigours of the marine environment.

“We are pleased to assist Grafmarine by offering them a test platform where their new NanoDeck solution can collect data during real voyages in different latitudes under varied weather conditions,” Capt. Simon Merritt, Sr. Technical Fleet Manager, Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd, said.

Carisbrooke has also partnered with London-based tech startup Carnot Ltd whose consortium has been awarded £2.3M to develop a zero-emission hydrogen auxiliary engine demonstrator.

Following design, simulations and rigorous testing, the single-fuel hydrogen 50kW engine will be integrated into a containerised system and mounted on the deck of one of Carisbrooke’s cargo vessels for a 40-day sea trial in early 2025 to partially supply electrical power to the vessel.


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Source: Offshore Energy


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