Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement Takes Marine Maintenance to the Next level with SKF!


SKF’s condition monitoring solutions will help Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement S.A. in preventing unexpected equipment failures and cut costs across its fleet of 70 ships.


SKF has initiated a condition-based maintenance programme for Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement (TCM) fleet that has the potential to reduce costs and decrease maintenance.

TCM ordered SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Kits to equip its whole fleet with this basic condition-based maintenance solution.  The delivery of kits are through a local SKF Authorized Distributor in Piraeus.  TCM has been the first Greek shipping company to equip its whole fleet with this condition monitoring solution.

Ole Kristian Joedahl, Sales and Marketing Director, Industrial Market, says, “The marine industry is a key segment for us and one in which we see significant potential.  By giving operators access to data that helps them prioritise their maintenance work, our solutions directly support them in preventing unexpected failures and reducing their overall operating costs.


Ensuring equipment reliability is amongst our standing objectives and in this regard condition monitoring is a very useful tool.  At the same time, we need to maintain a consistently high standard of condition monitoring expertise on every ship with a workforce that rotates between ships.  Thus, it is important to have a simple to use an instrument to monitor the condition of critical auxiliary machinery”, said Mr. Dimitris Psaradakis, Technical Manager of TCM SA.


The SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Kit is a hand-held instrument, equipped with predefined machinery models and clear quality work instructions, to make sure that TCM engineers have a reliable on the spot assessment of a machine’s condition, for each vessel.

With the SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Kit vessel engineers collect vibration data from critical auxiliary machinery, including cargo pumps, engine room fans and blowers, compressors, purifiers and electric motors as well as monitoring and evaluating vibration levels in accommodation area, as per MLC guidelines.  The data is then downloaded and transmitted through the ship’s communication system to TCM’s headquarters, to produce a precisely detailed report for each vessel on the current condition of the machinery.

Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement (“TCM”) S.A. provides management, operation and crewing services for a diversified fleet of approximately 70 ships consisting of tanker, container and dry cargo ships with a capacity of 6.0 million deadweight tons (dwt).

Source: SKF


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