TT Club Highlights Warehouse Safety in Graphic Detail


The international freight transport insurer TT Club has turned its attention to the safety risks at cargo storage facilities. Some of these can lead to catastrophic incidents, though less startling events, together with near misses are more common in a congested supply chain world.

Together these may have the potential to be just as damaging and disruptive. In continuing its mission to mitigate such risks, TT has issued a new warehousing series of its graphic TT Briefs.

As per the example below, TT Briefs are designed to convey risk management advice succinctly in easily digestible form for operators to download and utilise both in the workplace and throughout their organisations. In the case of the warehouse series, five crucial topics are addressed:

  • Choosing a storage warehouse
  • Operating a safe warehouse
  • Mitigating flood risk
  • Preventing warehouse fires
  • Operating a secure warehouse

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Source: TT Club


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